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Here at New Leaf Dental Care, we’re excited to bring the innovative Bioclear Method to Vancouver.

What Is the Bioclear Method?

This unique, conservative technique allows us to achieve a wide range of goals. One of its primary uses is to fill in “black triangles,” which are the small spaces that appear in our teeth when gum tissue has receded or wasn’t there in the first place. As we get older, some of us will find these black triangles appearing in our teeth, or they may arise from braces/orthodontics or after gum surgery.
However, the Bioclear Method isn’t limited to small gaps, as we also use it to reduce larger gaps and even rebuild a full smile. The results? A long-lasting finish that’s achieved with an affordable, accurate procedure.
To get these show-stopping results, the Bioclear Method involves wrapping a dental composite around the tooth using a special plastic matrix. This helps achieve a tooth that doesn’t just look beautiful but is functional, too.

How Does Bioclear Differ to Bonding?

Even though Bioclear is a bonding process, it differs dramatically from traditional forms, which can often be quite outdated. Traditional bonding can leave gaps and ledges in the edges, which can cause bleeding gums, cavities, chipping, and staining due to the bacteria that accumulate there.
While some traditional bonding methods do work, Bioclear allows us to eliminate any gaps and ledges, achieving a precise, strong, full finish that perfects your smile and causes no damage to your tooth.

How Does Bioclear Differ to Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers help cosmetically change your teeth so they take on a much more beautiful appearance. They’re often used on people who have old fillings or whose teeth are chipped and worn, but Bioclear does have some advantages over porcelain veneers, including:
A more conservative method: Contrary to popular belief, porcelain veneers often require some alteration to your tooth’s natural structure. That’s why once you’ve committed to these veneers, you must keep them for the rest of your life. In contrast, the Bioclear Method is an additive technique, meaning you’re conserving your tooth rather than taking anything away from it. Bioclear helps make your tooth stronger.
A repairable method: Although porcelain veneers are strong, they are prone to chipping, especially if you grind your teeth. And when this happens, you often need a full replacement, which can be expensive. As Bioclear uses a dental composite instead of porcelain, your tooth can be easily and inexpensively repaired and added to if you do happen to chip it.
A less expensive method: Finally, even though prices vary dramatically for veneers, you’ll often find the Bioclear Method is at least half the price, which makes it a much more affordable option.

If you’re looking for a Bioclear provider in Vancouver, look no further than New Leaf Dental Care. With our expertise you can transform your smile, so why not book your appointment today by calling 360-699-5555 or CLICK HERE?